Creative full stack developer

There's never a dull moment working with me, I'm always building something cool!

My latest side hustle is, check it out.

A little about me

I'm Rhys, a full stack web developer based in the beautiful City of London. I've been in the industry over 7 years, and I've been building websites for as long as I can remember (since Habbo Hotel days).

I have experience building, designing and quality checking all work that hits the world wide web, can't forget about the on page SEO techniques I love to implement to get you on that first page of Google.

My tools of the trade are; PHPStorm, Brackets, Sketch, Nucleo and the command line. Of course, there's plenty tools, but we'll be here for ages. Those are the main ones.

Want to know more about me? Feel free to reach out on Instagram, Twitter or Email. I don't bite.

The skills I have


PHP, Laravel, Python, MySQL, NoSQL, Linux, Apache, API's


HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Less, jQuery, Javascript, Vue.js

Other bits

Gulp, Grunt, CLI, Git, WordPress, Shopify, Sever administration, Linux.

The side hustle

The side hustle is what I like to call the things I build in my spare time, just for fun. Logo

If you're as addicted as me to buying domains, then this is the perfect website for you. It's simple, I post premium domains for you to register for not so premium prices. Logo

Squeek is the perfect way to find a co-founder for your next project or idea. It's free to use and took around 3 weeks to complete. Including design and development. Logo
Up Or Nah is the simplest way to check if the website you're trying to visit is down for everyone or just you. Designing and building this project took around 4 hours and received a generous 2,000 visitors on its release week. Logo

Billshare is the easiest way to split a restaurant bill with everyone dining. Input how many of you there is, how much the bill is and if you're leaving a tip. It's that simple. Design to Build took 4 hours, and received 1,300 visitors on its first few days being live. Logo

PHPBot is your personal butler for grabbing you all your PHP code examples from the internet. This of it as an on demand PHP chat bot. This cool website took around 5 days to complete, and received an outstanding 37,000 visitors in its first week. Logo

This little gem was built before Apple and Windows made their built in Emoji Keyboards. Emojiers is a simple way to search for emoji's, copy and paste them on to anything you like. This took 7 hours to complete and received around 2,000 visits on its opening weekend.

That's it folks

I've kept this website as brief as possible. I don't want to overload you with the craziness of my life.

If you're interested in working together or perhaps you just want to say hi, don't be shy, I'm super friendly (most of the time).

You can find me on Instagram, Twitter or keep it old school and just Email me.